dimanche 19 octobre 2008

One day trip to Melaka...

Honestly speaking...
Being a female is not good thing as being a male I supposed.
Being a female, there's a lot to take care of.
I dunno is there any male that envy us being a female,
But truely, being a female is not easy!
Is true that, being a female,
you can make urself looks prettier by make up, dressing and of coz, lots of jewelry.
But do you know that,
Females are the one easily get sickness...

For the pass 4 months,
although I was in Maldives,
I been heard a lot of news from my mom that,
this relative had found a tumor in her uterus,
that relative had problem with her menses,
and the more shocking was,
my mom herself actually had a tumor in her uterus as well...

I was so worry that time,
but my mom just said it was nothing and doctor just ask her to consume hormone pills.
Well, after I came back,
the first thing my mom told me was, she's fine now,
the doctor had check that the tumor has gone...
I was so relieve at that moment.

After 1 months...
Another news breaking in during my birthday...
My godmother called me and said wanna talk to my mom.
Well, I never expect to much.
Just thought they might have some interesting story to share.
End up, my mom told that my godmother had the same cases that she had...
Immediately the following week,
Me and my family plan to go back my mom's hometown in Batu Pahat.
We went for few days and came back with her to bring her for further check up by my mom's gynae.
This gynae was actually the one who receive me when I born.
So the gynae actually suggest her to cut the whole uterus...

And so last 2 weeks,
my godmother and my parents went to Melaka again to check.
She decided to have her operation there.
After my parents coming back from there, another phone call came in,
this time was my another aunty telling that my cousin sis also having need to undergo a operation to cut a way one ovari due to the last operation she had when she was found to have a baby outside her womb.
All because the previous doctor did not did a good job,
it effect that ovari and it turn into bad condition.

Last thursday, my cousin sis had her operation,
And last friday was my godmother.

So ladies,
please do take good care.
Don't make urself suffer in future...
Do read my previous entry about cevical cancer~!

Mahkota, Melaka view from the Mahkota Hospital
~Christine @ 5.45pm 19th Oct 08~

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