samedi 18 octobre 2008

Gals and boys having great Sakae Sushi~!

At last...
My favourite sushi restaurant...
Sakae Suhi~!
Where I can afford eating 3 plates of salmon, which mean 6 pieces.
Compare to other places,
the salmon they have here are not as fresh as they look...
But still at least is affordable for me as a student who love salmon a lot.
Other than that,
I love their green tea as well~!
Other restaurants are using green tea powder to mix or ready mix in a pot and pour to the guest.
Normally those that in the pot, end up either tasteless or to bitter...
So I like Sakae Sushi whereby they give tea bags...

Again today sales & marketing class cancel due to the lecturer said he don't need so many class...
Good news dho~!
So we actually have 2 hours to get some nice lunch outside the college.
Supposed we wil have 3 1/2 hours, but Mr Remi was helping us with our TIS title.
So we had class ended late.
Anyway, we decide to eat sushi.
Me, val, sean, ishaam and exzora are on the move~!
I ordered 3 plates of salmon, 1 miso soup and a soft shell crab...
Val said the soft shell crab is her favourite...
So I also want to have a try because I believe that if is her favourite it must be very nice.
So i ordered as well...
It was 2 crab in it and it only cost RM7.90~!
Not too bad, not too expensive~!
Incredibly, it was really nice!
It is so crispy and tasty...
I never knew that...
So next time I had one more item I must order~!
Was a really nice meal~!

My soft shell crab~!
Ishaam's chicken miso yaki~!

Me and Ishaam~!

Me and Sean~!

Me and Valerie~!
Ishaam, who trying to master the art of chopstick~!
Cheers with Sakae sushi Ocha~!
I still want to eat... but budget budget... $$$

~Christine @ 9.01pm, 17th Oct '08~

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