dimanche 12 octobre 2008

My 2008-2009 Wishlist~!

Look at everyone...
Everyone had a wishlist...
Except me...
Thought of having a wishlist now to let someone know what I really hope to have...
I'm just like a bambino like someone said...
Anyway, here it goes...

1. Sony Digital Camera
2. Sony Ericsson W980 / Iphone
3. Apple Laptop
4. MAC Cosmetics make-up set
6. Collection of Perfume

So I actually got my camera and handphone.
Although my handphone not a new one and is from my dad.
And I didn't get what I mentioned above, because it was a LG KU990.
Anyway is a touch screen and 5 megapixers camera and is only 10 months handphone.
But I statisfied because not need watse my money to buy a new one.
And my dad's handphone always looks new.
Talking about laptop,
I prefer Sony Vaio laptop or Apple Mac.
But this 2 brands are so expensive.
And using my dad's money to buy, I can't demand so much.

Talkig about cosmetic,
MAC is very expensive.
So I only use those economic brand, those that I can afford.

Talking about purse and bag,
I wanted a bag a lot compare to purse/wallet.
But I don't like taking a branded bag because everyone will put an eye on it.
And easily attracted evil people to snatch your bag.
So I rather have a purse/wallet.
I wanted a nice purse so that I no need to change so often.

Talking about perfume,
I love perfume.
If I had the chance I want to collect those perfume that I prefer.
Especially those special and nice bottles they have.

For sure the last four items I can only get when I come out working and earning my own money to buy.
Someone would like to...
If yes...
Seems like someone gonna spent a lot on me...

~Christine @ 5.33pm 12th Oct 2008~

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