samedi 31 mai 2008

Another day whereby i can online~

Today, Human Resources Department...
hahaha... Nothing much to do, again...
Too relax!!!
And so online!

Yesterday was in Spa centre, was a very great experience.
A very nice place to explore.
The spa ladies are very kind, they even did manicure for me~
I was there as a receptionist, so just answering the phone, make reservation and serve hand towel to the guest
So in the afternoon after my duty, they even treat me a massage!
A swedish massage...
OMG... this is so nice.
Some more i was enjoyed in the deluxe room...
Whereby is the biggest and luxury room in the Spa...
The weather was cooling and nice as well, raining and windy~
During the massage, i was actually without any cloth...
Was really my 1st time undress in front of a outsider and was in a outdoor room...
Kinda awkward althought i knew it gonna be like that, but still because it was my 1st time and the room is actually outdoor...
After the massage, i even went for jacuzzi and steam...
They even say i can go enjoy anytime when they free and they need a model...

Thats all for today...

~Christine @ Maldives~ 6.57pm, 31st May 2008

jeudi 29 mai 2008

Relax day in Royal Island, Maldives~!

Yay!!! I can blog again~!
Today having training in the Sports Centre. Kinda relax, nothing much to do.
Just enjoy and have fun. Especially after having a slight fever yesterday.
Day before yesterday, i felt my neck a bit pain.
As usual, i will try to massage. End up i found something on my left neck just under my ear.
There's a swollen and it hurts.
The next thing come in my mind is... OMG i gonna sick soon.
When my lymphatic gland or lymph node swollen, sick will come visit me.
So i told myself, if tommorow is stil there then i will visit the clinic.
So yesterday morning, i went and see the nurse, coz the doctor had resigned.
I really really don't believe the nurse at all!!!
But what to do?!
I told that nurse that i had a swollen at my neck, she just look and asking me stupid question,
"How many pillows you use?"
DUH!!! Pillow wont cause swollen!
Immediatelly, i had no fate at all!
I totally doom!
I told her i only use one, and she said, tonight try not to use.
Wat the....!!!
Then, i explained to her, normally when i sick i will have infection especially lymph node.
And only, she check whether i had fever and any rediness on my throat.
And you know what, she only gave me paracetamol.
I really really dissapointed.
I mean, why everything have to relate with paracetamol?
Not every sicness you can cure with paracetamol.
I know fever can cure, but infection?
And summore i don't even trust their medicine.
i rather eat my own panadol or just drink more water and sleep.
She gave me medical leave, and written there, "fever - 37.2'C, (neck pain)".
And so, i took a medical leave yesterday.
Well, today in sports centre was great and tommorow i going to the Spa.
Yay! I will get free massage and enjoy the theraphy!
After this 2 days, i will be in HR department and Training Centre.
~Christine @ Royal Island, Maldives~ 12.55pm, 29th May 2008

lundi 26 mai 2008

26th May 2008, 8th week in Maldives...

7th week had pass...
8th week just start...
Another 12 weeks to go...
Going back to M'sia is just 12 weeks away.
So soon yet so far.
I might going to miss the life here and might not.
Might miss the beauty of the nature here, the sea, the sand, the sun, the star, the moon, etc...
Might going to miss some people here,
Pastry - Hameed, Ahmed
Account - Hasan, Nishad, Rasheed
Housekeeping - Jauhary, Rifath
And so, for the next 12th week, i must really enjoy myself and have a great memory about Maldives, about Royal Island.
Althought this island is not as great as others, but stil, this is my 1st oversea training.
Sometime life here ain't easy...
Especially controling own's feeling and emotion.
Social life here ain't easy as well...
Friendly people around as well as annoying are people around.
But what to do, this is life!
Life ain't easy anyway!
Time do fly,
Just a blink and now i had completed 7 weeks.
Feeling of going back M'sia do hesitate.
Will i cry when the second i leave this island?
Absolutely YES!!!
I like to stay, but i also don't feel like staying...
This is so mizerable...
Especially for you,
I saw ur pic,
I really feel touch from my heart.
I can see happiness from the pic,
I really happy and glad after seeing ur wedding photos.
Your happinees brighten up my life here.
Recently, was very mizerable and down.
But after today,
Everything going to be different.
I will appreciate what i can enjoy here and come back M'sia with full of joy~
Miz u so much~
Hana ^.^
Christine @ Maldives 1.41pm

mardi 6 mai 2008

~My 1st blog in Maldives~

36 days... I had been here, Maldives 36 days!!!
Gosh... now only i had normal speed internet line to blog... n plenty of boring hours as a night audit.
My night audit, updating blog, photos, frienster and facebook.
Naughty gal rite.. hahaha...

Anyway, got lots lots stuff to say... but too much and dunno where to start...
Currently, i had completed 2 departments, Housekeeping and Kitchen. Now i in account department.

At 1st was so dissapointed starting out in housekeeping, because mostly will be trap back of the house, less contact to the guests... but after completed the days, now i started to miss that department.
Fun are there and all depends on oneself.
Oh ya... I got my very 1st tips during room service as a room attendant. In 1 day i got US$ 20... hahaha...

Me, Exzora and Yuvy, Our 1st swimming in Maldives.

Another place where i had a bad hope in it... But, actually was kinda fun as well...
Especially i can eat nice food... yum yum~~~
The chefs are very good as well... no bad temper chef...
The most memorable time in kitchen was during the days in Pastry...
Why... heehee... all because of the chef, Chef Hameed aka Aisha...
He's a very nice and like to fool around with me... especially bully me... haihz...

The 1st staff picninc we joined~

Erm, 1st 2 days were at the cashier, kinda interesting as a billing clerk making bill, hang out at the restaurant.
Now 2day, the 3rd day in account department, NIGHT AUDIT!!!
I gotta stay awake the whole night... DAMN!!! 9pm - 4am...
Luckily i can on9, if not... i will b a dead fish by now...

Anyway, this just only a summary...
Cannot write too long, on duty now... LOLZ
But dunno when only i can post the 2nd one. Haihz...
Hopefully i can post 2nd blog soon~