mercredi 20 février 2008

My 2008 Chinese New Year~

Can you believe!!!
2008 Chinese New Year gonna over soon!!! My 15 days!!! No more ang pao can receive anymore!!! Gotta wait for one year... HAHAHA...

Anyway, is kinda great this year... i can say. Every year is either KL or Batu Pahat. Althought this year was in KL as well, but I was having an unplan CNY.

The 1st day of CNY, 7th Feb, after praying in temple, as usual I went to Setapak while waiting for the arrival of my aunties from Batu Pahat.
It was so hot that afternoon and everyone realy can't stand it... and so we went up to Genting!

Abviously, this is Genting!

Me and my cousins in cable car on the way up to Genting, because not enough seats in the car

The 2nd day of CNY, 8th Feb we went to Bukit Tinggi which is very nearby from Genting.

The entrance fee to enter Bukit Tinggi was RM 16 per person... woohhsss... 21 persons all together, ..., RM336, this was way too easy to make revenue....

There's a few exicting place to visit, and i had heard a lot from friends, relatives, news about the Japanese Village and French Village there.

Is been so long i wanna visit this place. At last this CNY fullfill my dream!

In the Japanese Village~

Japanese Souvenir Shop


The French Village!

Bonjour! Je m'applle Christine. Enchante~

The main entrance to the French Village~

Is a hotel which looks like a long-ago-on the mountain-castle!

C'est genial, magnifique et beau! It is great, maginifique and beautiful!

It was like i had been visiting Japan, France and Genting during this CNY... LOLz... This was fun and great! And yet it ended so fast!!!

Class started on the 5th day of CNY, 11th Feb... aarrrggghh!!! But i skip the class and only went on the 6th day of CNY, 12th Feb. Heehee...

Another good news came to me was my training in Maldive is COMFIRM!!! Yeepee!!! Woolaa!!! In another word is, i need to renew my passport... Hahaha!!!

I apply leave on VALENTINE DAY!!! Muahahaha... Everyone sure thought that i went for a date... Acctually, ya... i date with my parents. See how i love them so much... And they gave me a gift, my fees for renewing my passport. Heehee ^.^

I need to start packing and preparing my stuff, because it will be 5 months there! *start dreaming again* but... this is too early to dream, i have plenty of project to go and my assignment and... *head gonna burst soon*

Today, there's a sad news... Hong Kong female artist 肥姐,沈殿霞 had passed away on 19th Feb, 8.38am. It was really sad and shocked.