lundi 4 janvier 2010

New Year Eve~!!! Welcome 2010~!!!

Guess how I celebrate my new year eve???
Where I had my countdown going on???
With who???
Seisyun??? Sam??? Family??? Alone???
So please don't scroll down before I tell you the story.
And of coz not peeking on the photos too.

If you guys have my twitter account or facebook,
you might know that on the 31st December 2009's morning,
I went to hospital for my nose check up...
And of coz from those,
you knew about my bleeding thingy.

Made an appointment with my ex-doctor who gave me that operation 3 years ago.
As usual appointment at 12pm,
but it will be always 1 hour later from the suppose appointment time.
Took my step into the room.
The doctor can't recognize me at all.
Ya... I know...
He has too many patient to remember.
Wanted to blame him about this.
But he seems to ignore about the operation before.
Told him about the bleeding.
As usual he sprayed anesthetics into my nose.
A few spray that will really make me cry.
Then he get his long skinny pointy camera and start to look into my nose.
And here he say:
"Ya, there's a little bit swollen. Oh see... I think there's where the bleeds come from..."
Immediately he took some kind of medicine at put in on a cotton bud.
Told me it gonna be pain.
It really hurts...
He poke the cotton bud on the wound in my nose for a very long seconds...
My tears start to flow all over my eyes...
The pain cause itchy in my nose.
I wanted to sneeze, but have to hold it back.
And then he went to another side.
Ya pain...
Damn pain...
After the apply on the wound,
Ah... I hate that nasal medicine!
He took it out and start to spray!
I hate that spray medicine.
I don't want to explain what it is actually is...
So I let Wikipedia to do the work.
I hate it because, when ever after the spray,
whatever in my nose,
I mean the ?mucus? will all go into my throat and is real uncomfortable!
And then he apply another medicine, oilment, on the wound.

Paid RM 210 for this...
I knew it!
I hate it!
I don't really like to see this doctor because of his attitude.
I asked him why, he don't want to answer.
I haven't finish another question, he say thank you.
He seems like chasing people away.
I told my mom, if I need to see any ENT doctor.
It will not be him anymore!
I been hearing a lot of his attitude from a lot of people.
He love to ask his patient go for operation...
Bla bla bla...
I paid this money, came to this hospital where there are traffic jams always, made appointment but still need to wait extra 1 hour, did not get the answer why it actually bleed and how the wound came...
I will not tell what is his name...
But he is from Gleneagles hospital!
So before you want to see ENT, ask me first!

Ok, back to my New Year eve.
After leaving the hospital, went to Kepong for lunch and sent my car to my cousin's garage.
And then went back home.
I sticked my self to my laptop...
My mom get her rest and prepare for the night.
My parents and my bro were going to this countdown party host by Boston, Solaris Mont Kiara.
They paid RM 50 for each person for a dinner and the countdown party.
My mom asked me earlier about the party,
I refused, because I promised to attend Sam's friend's party in Kepong.

And day before the eve,
Kei invited me to her place as well to see fireworks.
I told her maybe I can since I'm not feeling well and just want to have a small easy countdown.
I called Sam and told him about it.
He said ok.
But I still don't want to comfirm with Seisyun.
Because I did not have a car.
Waited at home and thinking what to do for the night.
Solaris Mont Kiara, which is just opposite my house,
Start to have loud music...
I can clearly hear what they were playing!!!
My mom told me that on 29th they had block the road and set up the stage...

Arond 4pm, my rush out and told me the dinner start at 6pm...
My mom quickly got herself ready.
So did my bro...
My sis planed to stay at home while her friends from Rawang were coming to our place.
I still thinking of getting my sis car to Wangsa Maju...
Aunty Jane, my mom friend, and her son came to our house at 5pm.
My dad still not back home yet.
I took their tickets and start reading on it.
It written,
"Children below 12 years old are FREE..."
I told my mom about it...
And I asked my bro to pretend he is only 12,
so that I can join them as well...
But my stubborn bro love to act he is adult.
He refuse to do it...
Aunty Jane's son is same age with my bro,
but he still have a baby face.
Aunty Jane willing to help me and bring me in.
My dad came back...
He just had his quick shower and came out and ready to rock!
I did not have time at all!
I just change...
I wanted to wear dress, but the bra did not fit!
I wanted to wear short skirt, but the skirts is too loose!
I wanted to wear sleeveless, but same problem! My bra!

I been wasting time changing to get the best look for my party!
My dad came and knock on my door and ask whether I'm coming or not.
Of coz I'm!
So without make up and stuff,
I came out from the room,
grabbing my phone, compact powder and my liquid eye liner.
On the way out,
I start put some make up on.
Before I step into the car,
I had done with my make up.

It was only 5.50pm we arrived...
From my house to Solaris is only less than 5 minutes...
Hurried up we went to Boston.
Hand in our tickets and got a sticker to stick on!!!
We were VIP!!!
No one, I mean guest in the restaurant yet.
We were first to arrived!
They did not bother of counting how many person...
Lucky me went in without questioning!
Got to our reserved table,
choose the best seat where can at least peek a little bit the stage outside.
They serve buffet,
and I did not really expect what they gonna serve.
Suppose the buffet start at 6pm...
But they had not ready yet.
While waiting,
I went to the corridor.
Here's the stage of Sunrise New Year Countdown...

Went into the restaurant again.
Saw this...
Oh... Party Pack...

Awful look of me....
Here's the sticker I'm talking about.
The waiter wanted to stick on my shirt.

Look at my shirt!
Where do you think you can put it on??!!
So I just grab the sticker and paste it on my shoulder.
After a few while.
I felt weird.
So I wanted to take of the sticker.
And piazzzsss...
It went into 2 pieces.
So I force to paste it back.

Still the food was not served yet!
Again I went outside and look at the curious table setting along the road.
I found out the tables were belong to different restaurant which located at the ground floor.
I asked my dad why they can placed their tables out there.
My dad told me they rented it.
That might be very darn expensive!

Saw the waiter carry the food out!
I got my drinks back to the seat.
I got my food too!
Nothing nice, but just want to filled up my stomach.

Again I went out to look what's happening.
Saw some weird figure walking around.
First I saw Batman...
I was laughing like hell and ran in to ask my parents came out to see.
I got my LG phone out and start to snap photos!
I started with the easy one,
because it will b difficult for me using my phone.
My camera still at The Curve Sony Style!
The easy one will be the one less moving!
The Transformer!
It was very huge!
Even a Angmo guy only reach his armpit!

There's Sailormoon with pinkish hair and Star Wars Darth Vader!

Oh here's the Cat woman from Batman...
I love the outfit~!
Sexy and wild~!!!

There's the couple...

The woman from Matrix...
I forgot the name and lazy to google.

After looking them walking around,
and people around taking photo with them,
I went back into the restaurant and grab some food to eat.
I was tired and bored!
I wanted my BB so much!
I left it in the room.
Coz I had a small pocket to put it in.
I wanted to post my shout!
I can't!
And then I missed my laptop!

I been nagging to go back home.
Because it was still early!
4 hours to go to countdown!
Nothing much in the restaurant,
just eat, eat and eat...
And with my parents,
no way for me to drink alcohol!!!
It's bored for me.
I dunno anyone there.
The only thing I did was,
eat, drink, going our the corridor and watch the stage.
I told my dad I wanted to go back.
He said how to go back? My sis will not come and pick me up.
I decided to walk back!
And he said ok~!
Of coz ok~!
I asked my bro wanted to go back with me or nor.
But I know myself,
after back home, I will not want to come out anymore!
So after thinking, thinking and thinking...
I did not go back home~!

My sis' friends were lost in nowhere.
They did not know how to come to our house.
And my sis did not know either to explain to them,
Been kept calling my parents to teach them how to get to Mont Kiara.
But I was kinda running around and did not want to know whats happened.

And later, they reached.
My bro forgot to bring his camera.
So my mom wanted my sis to bring to us.
Of coz she's not happy.
But my dad want it.
She can't resist.
She can't object what my dad wants...
She know the consequences...
I wanted to get my BB as well.
And I ask her to get it too.

She came with a car her own, while her friends in another.
They parked the car,
my sis told me they haven't eat.
I got my sticker out and paste on them,
I got my bro and Aunty Jane's son for them too.
So they can just go in and eat.

I had my BB...
I posted my tweets and also sent some sms.
Got online to see some news and bla bla bla...

I wondering there for 4 hours...
My goodness sake!

And 12 midnight was falling close~!
Me and my sis hurried to get a good spot!
Looking at the digital countdown timer,
We blow the whistle as loud as we could!!!
Got so excited when it comes to 10...
10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...


I took plenty of photos...
But some just blur and not clear.
And these are the one success and beautiful!
I love the blue purple fireworks I took.
It looks like a lot of birds flying with bright colors~!

This was my first time New Year Countdown in my pass 22 years!!!
Yes is true~!!!


♥ ♥ ♥ Happy New Year~!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I will do my new year resolutions soon~!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

vendredi 1 janvier 2010

Welcome 2010!!!!

Was like a war this few days.
So Happy 2010!!!!

Wish a brand new year with brand new excitement!
I want good excitement, not bad...

Happy New Year!!!!
Love ya~!!!