dimanche 7 septembre 2008

Wee Yong's Wedding~!

6th September 2008,
my cousin, Wee Yong's wedding.
He is 25 years old this year... Very lucky guy... Hahaha...
He is the only son in Kok's Family... Let's talk a bit about my mom's side family.
My grandpa has 2 sons and 8 daughters.
My mom's surname is Quek and she's the 5th daughter...
Actually the surname was suppose to be Kok, the sons were given Kok, and daughters were Quek.
So Wee Yong's dad is my mom's 2nd brother.

These are the 8 princesses in Kok/Quek's Family.

This is my 2nd uncle and his wife

I went back to Batu Pahat right after my brother finish his exam in college.

I went to my 2nd uncle house and we had party there.

Only part of Kok/Quek Family

The "Xin niu cia"

The Groom, my handsome cousin~

I went with the groom to receive the bride.

The "Sister" group of the bride were so hard to pass.

They set up 3 section and the groom and his "Brother" group had to pass as to receive the bride,

otherwise they can just give a Ang Pow (Red Packet) amount RM 888.

"Xuan Tian Ku La" Sour Sweet Bitter Spicy, spicy noodle, bitter tea, sour lemon and sweets

Squatting on top of his "Brother" reading the vow to his bride

~Christine, 12.38am 8th Sept '08~

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