samedi 6 novembre 2010


What's in my head recently???
Planning a huge birthday surprise for my teddy bear, Brad.
Thinking what am I gonna do when I'm back in Malaysia.
Looking for a good job which is the hardest task ever.
Can't wait for my result announcement.
Money headache, I need more money to enjoy.
Can't wait for snow, although is gonna be really cold.

Exactly one more month left as an intern...
I'm so going to miss here...
Hirafu-Niseko, Hokkaido.
Till now I just can't believe how I got here?!
Accidentally? Purposely? or Just-go-for-it?
Well, here I am!
In this heavenly place.
Where there's 4 seasons!
I'm so lucky to experience Summer, Autumn and Winter here in Hirafu-Niseko!

I reached in Hirafu-Niseko on the 3rd July 2010.
The weather was pretty cool...
Around 22-26
Was surprised with the early sunrise!
Around 4am!!!
Met teddy bear during the end of the first week while I was in the village.
Went back the staffhouse at 4am which was almost sunrise on the first day we met!
I dunno how he found me in Facebook...
We start seeing each other and of coz started the whole story.
Had our first dinner, Okonomiyaki at Kutchan town.
And bla bla bla...

And when it comes to August, The Summer Season!
It was hot and humid!
Celebrating Summer Festival in Kutchan Town,
Jyaga Matsuri~!
Nothing much happened...
Was too busy working and it was a tired and hot month!
Had a awesome staff dinner for the front office at Kame, the secret restaurant.

Was getting quite in the village
Start to lazy a bit...
Nagging around my teddy bear to make sure he get something for my birthday.
Starting mid of September, weather is cooling down.
Autumn was approaching...
The leaves started to turn colours.
I remembered during my birthday in Sapporo,
it was really windy and cooling, not much of sweating.
Share my birthday with the Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a Mooncake Festival...
Had a great birthday with teddy bear!
Tae's leaving HT.
Had staff dinner at Ezo Seafood and also Tae's farewell after the dinner.
Went to A-bu-cha 2 for second round.

Nothing much happened as well...
The 2 new Guest Host Supervisor starting with HT.
Tae's moving out from staffhouse and back to Sapporo.
Fiona was moving out too to Sapporo.
Simon & Eiko moved out as well.
But Jeremy and Ben moved in when they moved out and teddy bear went back to Gold Coast.
Had a lot of fun with them in the house.
Went to Noboribetsu with Jeremy with his Van-gina~!
The last week of October,
The weather forecast starts telling us the first snow is coming on the 26th of October!
Was snowing for 2 days...
And teddy bear was back from Gold Coast on the 27th~!
Went to the airport with Jeremy to get him.
Halloween Trivia Party at Paddy's on the 29th,
As usual I got pretty drunk with at least 5 shot of absine and also other stuff.
Again Halloween Party at Hilton Niseko on the 31st!
Got into Nomihodai for JPY 2,500!
As usual again, got myself drunk and start acting like a bitch.
What a good first and dramatic Halloween I had!

The last month in Hirafu-Niseko!
Is been 6 days and another 24 days left...
Waiting for the next snow next week.
Looking foward to head down to Hakodate for teddy bear's 21st birthday~!

Nothing much to do in the office...
Just kickin around.
Time pass quickly...
Soon I will be back in KL.
Being happy or not, I have no idea.
Only know that my journey of life just started at this point...

~Christine @ 17:33, 6th Nov 2010, HT, Niseko~

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