jeudi 3 décembre 2009

Shopaholic me~!!!

Yesterday was my shopping day~!!!
I spent plenty of money on the sales.

Went to the fragrance sales yesterday at Armada Hotel, PJ.
I went with Valerie...
We reach there at 9.45am.
The sales gonna start at 10am.
I went to the entrance to get a plastic bag for whatever I gonna grab.
And so after took a bag, I went back to Valerie.

Was amaze to meet someone that I almost forgot in the Anna Sui warehouse sales.
She saw me and immediately recognize me.
Seriously, I can't recognize her at all....
But I knew she might be someone I met during the previous sales.
So ya, she was the one with her friends in Anna Sui.
They were lining up behind us when me and my sis were choosing the perfume and ready to pay.
Her name is Grace...
I definitely gonna remember her then~!

Then she bring us to the front where she and her friend lining up....
Lucky me and Val got to the first 20's~!
We waited for quite some time...
And finally the door opened at 10.16am~!!!

I wanted to get another bottle of Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible and Versace Crystal Bright...
My Givenchy was bought by my dear friend...
I love it so much till I dun want to finish it...
It is same for Anna Sui Secret Wish, I bought another bottle of it at the previous Anna Sui sales.

I only brought RM 400...
I dun want to bring extra, because I know I will use it all.

I bought a Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible Christmas Gift Set,
perfume, bath gel & lotion - 75ml each
RM 125~!!!
Original price selling was RM 300++
I saw it at Robinson, The Gardens.

I also grab a twin travel pack of Givenchy Angel ou Demon.
They were selling single bottle for RM 90...
But twin pack was only RM 119.
Val want to have one, but when I saw the price, I told her lets take the twin~!
It's worth it~!!!

I bought some cosmetic as well.
A compact powder for RM 58 and a lipstick fro RM 58 as well~!
I got a eye make-up remover for RM 35...

That's all I got from the warehouse sales....

And then we went to Mid Valley~!!!
Again I start to shop~!!!
I bought a purple dress and a set of knitting clothes and short~!

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Jean a dit…

wow~ nice hauls!!
I stop shopping d..bought too much xmas sets/limited edition stuff..>.<