jeudi 24 décembre 2009

Christmas' Eve~ Mac City Event~!

Is Christmas' Eve today~!!!
Santa Clause is coming to town~~~

Anyway I thought it gonna be a boring lonely day today and tonight.
I woke up at 10am today.
What a good sleep...
Woke up and had my breakfast while watching The Amazing Race.
My mom told me that she wanna go out shopping.
So I recommended to go 1 Utama.
11.30am, we were ready to rock this Christmas' Eve.

First thing first...

I parked the car in the Rain forest section.
So when we came up from the car park,
it was the food heaven~!
We decided to have Japanese food.
I can't really remember the restaurant name,
some thing goes with Tokyo some thing...
Well then, after the lunch we went around see see look look...

We came across this all about Apple event at the ground floor center court.
At first I ignored it because kinda regret getting a BB.
Because BB is more to a office use.
But I-phone is different.
Is too late anyway...
So me and my mom sat at the red comfy sofa bench along the place.
My bro just don't want to give up telling me about the new I-pod touch.
I really want it...
But kinda broke.

Then we sat there looking around, see whats happening.
We saw a modern drum in front of us.
Got attracted with the drum,
so took a walk into the event.
Play with the computer for a little while.
Saw other people having this passport booklet.
So I ask the promoter about it.
He told me is a game where collect the stamp and stand a chance to win I-pod Nano...
It has 4 rounds.
The first me and my bro went was the Q&A about Mac...
Then we proceed to the I-pod touch gaming section...
3rd will be the iMovie section, where by there's a green background, you stand in the middle, acting and whatever...
Then with the iMovie software, you can make movie with special background...
Last will be the photo shot...
A Christmas theme background and take a photo~!!!
Just collect the stamp and wait for the luck~!!!

I asked them when will the lucky draw section will be,
they told me 4.30pm...
So my mom decided to go for groceries shopping at Jusco.
We made a walk to the old wing and start to shop for dinner and whatever.
Around 4.20pm, we made our move back to the venue to get out luck.

Just right in time they start the WooHoo thingy...
My mom sat some where at the sofa chair, guarding the groceries trolley.
Me and my bro hurried up to the stage and looks what gonna happened.
So hope I can win a I-pod Nano..
That will be my best Christmas present~!!!

Things not turning out the same way...
It started with the first 15th people who bought their items from Mac City which has RM100 and above to go up the stage to pick a lucky box!!!
And each every person who went up got speaker, I-pod Nano cover, some kind of pouch to keep the I-pod, Screen protector and of course I-pod Shuffle!!!
I ran to my mom and told her about it.
Immediately, she took out RM100 from her wallet and gave to me.
I rush back and get something for my dad I-phone...
So I saw this cover which was RM109...
And I ran back to my mom to get another RM10.
Silly me!!!
Went to pay, get the receipt, ran to my bro, and asked him to get up the stage and pick a lucky box.
Lining up waiting for my bro's turn to get his luck.
And the host wanted to play a game.
I push my bro up and he went up to the stage.
So what the game??!!
"Shout 'WooHoo'"
Thats pretty easy anyway.
Because the host said both of them can pick a box anyway.
So I waited down the stage and wondering what he picked.
The everyone got prize, a speaker and a I-pod Nano cover.

After my bro and another guy came down the stage,
the host saw me with my receipt and is my turn to pick.
My brain keep going with,
"I want the I-pod! I want the I-pod!"
I picked a box and the Santa took it out and opened.
The same thing my bro got...
2 speakers!!! 2 I-pod Nano covers which I don't even have a I-pod Nano!!!
I dumb that speaker from the stage to my bro...
He just stand beside the stage.
Went back to my mom and told her about the boxes my bro carrying.

Suddenly a woman came to me.
She asked whether she can borrow my receipt to join the lucky pick...
"Hey bitch, NO!"
Of coz I din't say those words,
my mom will kill me on the spot!
I politely told the AUNTY,
"Sorry ar, I din they can recognize the receipt."
In english...
Hey, I purposely ask my mom for RM100,
RM100 for just I-phone accessories!!!
And is actually RM109!!!
So ok,
no way for me to give that aunty my receipt and let her had a chance to win I-pod shuffle.
My mom
asked my what happened.
I told her.
And she decided to go up using my receipt.
My mom worried they might realized.
I don't think they will rudely ask my mom to go down the stage if they know about it.

I saw a Caucasian woman who went up the stage once and
again she getting something from the cashier...
In hurry, I asked my mom lined up behind her.
My mom hold the receipt, carried her bag, looked blur lining up there.
I ran opposite of the stage where my mom lining up,
Just in case anyone know that we double used the receipt.
So the host or MC saw my mom and the Caucasian woman and also another Chinese woman lining up at the side.
The MC told that the first 15th had over,
but not to pull them down, he offer to play a game.
He didn't mention what type of game,
and I saw my mom start to run away.
I know my mom...
She's not like any Caucasian women who are brave and open minded and of coz dare for everything...
Typical Asian...
So when I saw my mom walking away on the opposite,
I knew she gonna go and walk towards my bro who guarding the trolley...
I thought I knew...

I also went to my bro...
But I didn't see my mom any other corner.
So waited for my mom with my bro,
and my bro wanted me to ask the promoter whether we can change the I-pod Nano skin,
since we dun have that I-pod, is useless...
so I got the 2 skins we won and went back to the event place.
Asking the promoters whether is there any chance to change maybe I-phone screen protector...
But no luck, they don't allowed.
During the ask ask around,
I heard something from what the MC said and a familiar woman's voice.
I hurried to the front of the stage,
saw my mom on the stage!
I ran to the chair at the front row and in the middle.
Sat there, took my phone and ready to snap!
I took 2 shot...
But not clear.
Because wanted to know what my mom got.
And of coz I was shaking...
My bro said I had Parkinson...
I don't know, but recently my hands and legs are out of my control.
I can't stop them shaking and stabilize them.

Back to the story,
by the time I sat there and watched my mom,
She had picked up a box.
First, the MC and the Santa opened the Ang Mo woman's box.

Pity her, she got the same thing I got...
And it was a 2nd time on stage to pick the box,
if I not mistaken, it was the same item she got the 1st pick.
And it's my momt turn to let the Santa help her opened.
After my mom hand the box to Santa,
She step away, far from the MC and Santa...
First the Santa took out a pouch...
I was like "Damn, what a lousy stuff..."

But then, after the Santa put it into the box,
The MC hold a piece of paper and said
"You always won yourself a... I-pod Shuffle!!!"
My mom still don't know what it is...
She just stand there and the face expression "Thank you, Thank you.."
Shy shy...
Coz worried people know she went up with the receipt I used before...
After the MC said...
I scream "YAY.....!!!!!"
And she only realize she won something me and my bro wanted!

Thats my mom anyway.
She came down from the stage and we quickly went to my bro.
Of coz, he don't know what happened...
After I told him, he want it so so much.
I will let him get it.
Bcoz I had his pink Sony Walkman, where he got it when he bought his camera.
I went for a hair treatment and buying the shampoo,
got free L'oreal "I-pod shuffle" mp3.
And that goes to my big bro.
Ended up, he still using his Walkman Phone as a mp3 player...
So now he got it.
Luckily is blue, if it is pink, it will goes to me too!

On the way back to get the car,
my mom told us what happened.
When she heading back to give up,
a guy from Mac City told my mom
"Aunty, there's only few boxes, and one of them is the I-pod, bcoz ther
e are only 2. One had taken by another guy, so try la..."
So my mom went up and ask the MC
"Not silly game ar?!"
Aiya... If they ask to play silly game,
I think the whole crowd will boo them...
So it was just a game to shout "WooHoo"
Easy easy...
My mom shouted the longest "WooHoo"
The winner get the chance to pick the box first.
My mom let the Ang Mo to pick her box first.
Hao xin you hao bao...
So the luck went to my mom!

Anyway it was excited!
And it was Christmas' Eve!
We got all this present!
We only spent RM 109!
And we got all the present which worth more than RM 1000!
It was the best Christmas' Eve...
But maybe not,
Bcoz non of the present or prizes are for me...
I just want cash...
Santa Santa~!!!
So Christmas is over.
The New Year is coming!!!
1 extra year,
I should have grateful for living all these years.
I mean not everyone had this luck to live...


Angel of Prayer
For those who believe in the power of prayer.

Angel of Miracles
Trusting in life's everyday miracles.

Angel of Wishes
May you always hold on to your dreams.

Guardian Angel
May you always have an angel to watch over you.

God Bless my nephew get well soon~!
God bless my cousin and his wife can get over this...
God bless the baby for this 6 months.
Wish to see the baby healthy!
Sending these Angels to him to protect him...

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lol this is really a long post but I read all!!!XD
Ur mum so cute! and so lucky!
I think the speaker is great too! YOu can always sell it to someone who want it!