jeudi 28 août 2008

Back from Maldives~!

Boys and Gals!!!
I"m Back!!!
Back from Maldives to Malaysia!!!

Was back on 25th flight, and reach KL 7.50am on 26th morning.
So tired whereby I can't sleep well in the plane... 6 hours journey.
1st from Male, departure at 10.20pm (means KL time 1.20am),
then fly to Colombo and stop for 2 hours.
Around KL time 4.20pm only depart again and fly to KL.

1st thing arrival to M'sia, of coz to see my parents!!!
While I had my 1st step out d gate number 4, I had saw my dad car.
So immediately i push my trolley and rush to the car.
I thought dey saw me... but instead dey r not...
Til I almost near the car only dey recognize me... Haihz...
M I so tanned and put on weight???
sob sob...

Hahaha... 1st thing 1st, my 1st breakfast after arrive, Bah Kut Teh!!!
Yum Yum...

Feel so happy, but actually sumthing missing still...
Very different when i had my breakfast in Maldives...
The sound of the wave,
the blizz of the wind,
the bright sunny sky,
the blue and green sea,
the smell of the fresh air...
I miz Maldives!!!!

My farewell group for my departure... Thanks for coming, i know others wanna come as well but on duty, anyway THANKS GUYS!!!

Bye Maldives!!!

~Christine, 2.32pm 28th Aug 2008~

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