jeudi 29 mai 2008

Relax day in Royal Island, Maldives~!

Yay!!! I can blog again~!
Today having training in the Sports Centre. Kinda relax, nothing much to do.
Just enjoy and have fun. Especially after having a slight fever yesterday.
Day before yesterday, i felt my neck a bit pain.
As usual, i will try to massage. End up i found something on my left neck just under my ear.
There's a swollen and it hurts.
The next thing come in my mind is... OMG i gonna sick soon.
When my lymphatic gland or lymph node swollen, sick will come visit me.
So i told myself, if tommorow is stil there then i will visit the clinic.
So yesterday morning, i went and see the nurse, coz the doctor had resigned.
I really really don't believe the nurse at all!!!
But what to do?!
I told that nurse that i had a swollen at my neck, she just look and asking me stupid question,
"How many pillows you use?"
DUH!!! Pillow wont cause swollen!
Immediatelly, i had no fate at all!
I totally doom!
I told her i only use one, and she said, tonight try not to use.
Wat the....!!!
Then, i explained to her, normally when i sick i will have infection especially lymph node.
And only, she check whether i had fever and any rediness on my throat.
And you know what, she only gave me paracetamol.
I really really dissapointed.
I mean, why everything have to relate with paracetamol?
Not every sicness you can cure with paracetamol.
I know fever can cure, but infection?
And summore i don't even trust their medicine.
i rather eat my own panadol or just drink more water and sleep.
She gave me medical leave, and written there, "fever - 37.2'C, (neck pain)".
And so, i took a medical leave yesterday.
Well, today in sports centre was great and tommorow i going to the Spa.
Yay! I will get free massage and enjoy the theraphy!
After this 2 days, i will be in HR department and Training Centre.
~Christine @ Royal Island, Maldives~ 12.55pm, 29th May 2008

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