lundi 26 mai 2008

26th May 2008, 8th week in Maldives...

7th week had pass...
8th week just start...
Another 12 weeks to go...
Going back to M'sia is just 12 weeks away.
So soon yet so far.
I might going to miss the life here and might not.
Might miss the beauty of the nature here, the sea, the sand, the sun, the star, the moon, etc...
Might going to miss some people here,
Pastry - Hameed, Ahmed
Account - Hasan, Nishad, Rasheed
Housekeeping - Jauhary, Rifath
And so, for the next 12th week, i must really enjoy myself and have a great memory about Maldives, about Royal Island.
Althought this island is not as great as others, but stil, this is my 1st oversea training.
Sometime life here ain't easy...
Especially controling own's feeling and emotion.
Social life here ain't easy as well...
Friendly people around as well as annoying are people around.
But what to do, this is life!
Life ain't easy anyway!
Time do fly,
Just a blink and now i had completed 7 weeks.
Feeling of going back M'sia do hesitate.
Will i cry when the second i leave this island?
Absolutely YES!!!
I like to stay, but i also don't feel like staying...
This is so mizerable...
Especially for you,
I saw ur pic,
I really feel touch from my heart.
I can see happiness from the pic,
I really happy and glad after seeing ur wedding photos.
Your happinees brighten up my life here.
Recently, was very mizerable and down.
But after today,
Everything going to be different.
I will appreciate what i can enjoy here and come back M'sia with full of joy~
Miz u so much~
Hana ^.^
Christine @ Maldives 1.41pm

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