vendredi 24 juillet 2009

Estee Lauder Staff Sales~!

Was very regret that I did not manage to join Miu's Shopaholic team...
I was actually invited by Miu.
But I can't comfirmed with her due to not convenient to get the Invitation card from her,
And I have to be there at 3.30am on the sales day.
It is because it will be very crowded and pack if you are going late...
So you have to be there ealry to get the front row to be the 1st to rush in and grab your things.

I was to be comfirm in the list...
Very very regret I can't go and I got the invitation card...
Another reason I can't go was because my sis convo day...
So I can't tell my mom about the sales...

Estee Lauder Shopaholic Team
  1. me
  2. cai wing
  3. sexymummy
  4. sexymummy friend
  5. skye
  6. jclues @ vina
  7. fatin - confirm-
  8. jess ying - confirm-
  9. christine - to confirm-
  10. Sarah - confirm -
  11. lizzie - confirm -
  12. estrella - confirm
Read here to know about the sales condition...
It was Miu's report about that sales.
After reading Miu's entry,
the more i feel regret.
MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Estee Lauder are the stuff I want to get.
But now, I lost the chance...

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