vendredi 20 mars 2009

The Taylor's Hotelier~!

Taylor's College,
School of Hospitality and Tourism
The college that I having my Licence Professionnelle Hotelleris Tourism
aka Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours).

In Malaysia, student who finish SPM or STPM will always wonder what courses should they choose and which college...
Well... Never think there's a course that you can easily get a degree...
2 years ack, as I was just finish my STPM.
I was in the same situation that wondering what should be my future.
Pharmacy? Music? or Hotel?
So, I went to education fair, visiting colleges and finally decided to take Hotel Management.

From a science stream, Bio Chem student of STPM,
suddenly decided to be in a service line.
Everyone been asking me why...
Well, I'm a person who don't like to just sit and memorise study.
I like to be active...
I thought of Mass Com before, but Hotel is much more attractive...

When I had decided to take Hotel Management...
People around me start teasing me,
saying that I have to clean the room, be in the kitchen and serve as a server...
But I just ignore them.
In April 2007, I started my new path in this college, Taylor's College.
What attracted me to this college is the program structure, the facilities and the most important, a 2-week Residency Programme in France.
Taylor's College is providing the Hotel courses from the University of Toulouse, France.

The course structure is divided into 3 years.
For the 1st two years, Year 1 & Year 2, there are 3 terms each.
And every term is 11 weeks.

In Year 1, which is Term 1-3, student will be learning all the basic about the hotel.
From the back of the house to front of the house.
Learning cooking in kitchen, having practical in a restaurant, role play in the front office, and even making a bed in the housekeeping.
After 3 terms, 1st Year Final Exam will be given to test everything that had learn in that 3 terms.

In Year 2, Term 4-6, student are required to choose a specialize field.
There are 2 specialization which are Hospitality Marketing & Management
and Culinary Arts & Food & Beverage.
And in Year 2, there will be French Language Class provided.
After Term 4, there will be an Industrial Training which is a 20 weeks training.
Student will to choose hotels to have their training...
And I had my training in Maldives, which I never thought I had a chance to step into this paradise country.
Thanks to Taylor who give me this opportunity to have an oversea training and great experience.
Term 5 will be commence after the training.
In Term 6, this is where now I'm,
having my critical time to pass this final exam.

The uniqueness of this degree course is that, the student can get 2 certificate.
After completing Year 2, there's a certificate given known as Brevet de Technicien Superieur Hotellerie (BTS) aka Higher Diploma in Hotel Management.
Student may choose to further their study for degree or work after this year.
Student who choose to continue will just spend for one more year for degree.

At the 1st place, I do think this course is much more easier compare to other courses.
But these days, I do not agree with it anymore.
The final exam in Year 2, is not cooking in kitchen, serving in a restaurant, cleaning a bathroom or making a bed.
This exam is a challenging exam where the student need to be knowledgeable in both management and practicals.

The student from Taylor's are trained to be in managerial management.
The Year 2 final exam is a real tough one.
The exam consist of 3 written paper, and 4 practical/presentation.
The most difficult written paper is the Hospitality Management Case Studies (HMCS).
Is a 5 hours case studies paper.
This paper can consist of Principle of Accounting, Cost Accounting, Budgeting, Financial Management, Financial Maths, Applied Decision Making, Customer Relation, Management, Sales & Marketing and Human Resource.
And this paper will divide into around 5 section.
So you will have no idea what will be coming out, but definately Sales & Marketing and Human Resource will be there.
There are so many format to remember, P&L statement, Balance sheet, Cash Flow, Cash Budget, BEP...

This is really a tough one among the written paper and it stand for 7 co-efficient.
Next will be the presentation.
And it ain't gonna be easy as well...
As the college is invitint people for the industry to be part of the jury...

So I'm half way thru this exam...
I have done all the written paper.
And none of it I have confidence...
French listening was the ridiculous one...
My Industrial Report Presentation was commented a lot by the external jury...
And now left 2 practical presentation, French presentation and BM...
Wish me good luck and I must pass this Higher Diploma~!
I want to go to Paris~!

The diagram blow shows the pathway of the course.

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