dimanche 7 décembre 2008

Hanging out in Le Meridien Hotel~!

5th Dec 2008
Supposed me, Valerie and Sing Cheer aka Cheryl wanted to go and see the perfume fair.
But unfortunately, most of the wanted perfumes were sold out!!!
They left those unwanted perfume.
We bet that they are trying to save for their last day warehouse sales.

Before entering, I was already curious.
Because the previous day I went with Sean, we were lining up outside.
But today, we can just entered straight away without lining up.

So with disappointed mood, we left the place and head to Le Meridien Hotel.
As early plan, I was actually planned to check-in after dinner and after fetch my brother from my aunty house, and we will stay and wait for my parents arrive after their trip from China.
But since we had nothing to do so I decided to checkin early.

After check-in, we were so boring and thinking where to eat or drink...
Day time and we thought of going to a bar...
But Val said spending Rm22 on a drink not worth it, because she can get a perfume just now.
And suddenly I saw the this card about Starwood Privilage and suggested having high tea or afternoon tea.
Immediately I called to reception and ask about the price...
And 3 of us went and enjoyed our afternoon tea~!
We met one of Taylor's trainee having her training in Le Meridien.
With her advise, we had a great afternoon tea~!

After filling up our stomach, we went around the hotel.
Site inspection... Hahaha...

Thank you so much to Val and Cheryl for listening to me~!
Thanks to Val for your great advise~!
I really appreciate it...
Thanks for your help, at least now I'm not worry about...
And thanks a lot for both of your accompaniment.

My Cafe Latte~!

Val with her afternoon tea set~!

Our afternoon tea set~!

Me~! At the garden of Le Meridien...

Cheryl present Le Meridien Swimming Pool...

Thanks girls~

I really happy to have you girls as my friends~!

~Christine @ 10.05pm, 7th Dec '08~

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