samedi 5 avril 2008

My last day in KL~~~ Maldives here i come!!!

Today was another great day and memorable day to me~
For almost half a year, at last my old gang of best friends, Seisyun met up for a small gathering.
In this gathering with had 2 main purposes, one of the reason is i gonna fly to maldives for training and another is because my dear friend, Sho, gonna marriage in coming May...

~The four of us, Seisyun~

Ima no kimochi???
Mmm... Of coz felt happy in the way that i gonna fly, felt sad in the way that i gonna miz KL lifestyle for 20 weeks...
There's a bit blue ,means sad and pink whereby means happy... So it end up like the 7.45pm evening sky today... Purple sky~

~Oi!!! Editted by Sho, Son and Kei~

Oh ya, I would like say thank you to my relative whereby they gave me ang pao for my safe journey.

First i would like to thanks my Lim's aunties as they gave me RM3000,

My Lim's 6th uncle, Rm500. My Quek's aunties RM200 and my god mother, RM200.

And lastly my Lim's youngest uncle, he gave me 30000 Yen... hahaha!!! is roughly Rm1000!

~This was the Japanese style ang pao~

~Woo!!! HAHA!!!~

Gotta sleep ya~

Tomorrow gonna recheck all my stuff and have my lunch with my family....

KL and my friends!!! Gonna miz u all so much!!!

Hopefully everything goes well in Maldives~

See you all end of August!!!

And "baby" wait for me come back... i wanna see you born!!!

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=::~+Reiko+~::= a dit…

Don't worry, my baby will wait for you to come back de... haha... Mizz Ya alot!!