jeudi 6 mars 2008

Fainted~Unconscious~Black-out!!!! "Mono"pause???

5th March 2008...


The story actually goes like this... This girl trying to be heroein...

I was so excited in the morning discusing with Vicky and Exzora about donating blood again. This was our 2nd time for me and Vicky...

After the French class, me and Vicky went to annexe, filling up our form and proudly present our "Donate Blood Passport" to the nurse.

We drank a cup of milo and then prepare to donate our blood.

We even choose to sit together, she has her left hand and mine was right hand *trying to get some excuses if my right hand can't write*

Vicky's blood was like a tap water, flows so fast. Her packet of blood was full within 6 minutes.

Around 2.30pm, both of us had donated our precious blood which might help someone out there some day...

We went and have another cup of milo again. After then we went to the chinese restaurant thought of having lunch but i don't have appetite... stupid stomach!!!!

So i decided to left Vicky with S.J and went up to the library to get some books for my front office assignment and rehearsal my english presentation role play.

So obviously i don't have a proper lunch. At 4pm, we went for a talk which was compulsory. It finished at 5pm and I was so excited to go Mid Valley for a French movie, ~Paris, Je t'aime~.

At first, i was absolutely no problem, no headache, no hungry and feel very energetic and excited. And is only me , Valerie and Exzora going for the movie.

But, u know, Malaysia KTM is so... The train was so shaking when it's moving. It was peak hours whereby the train has limited seat and spacious space for people to stand.

I was standing near the window and there's a small corner for me to lean on.

The train keep on shake or in Malay "Goyang" until i really really feel uncomfortable...

And so, i told them that i feel hungry *or should say my stomach was like rolling* and don't feel like talking.

I was so quite and uncomfortable till unconsciously i fainted without realzing it.It feel so nice as like i falling asleep but never thought that i was fainting in the way.

Val and Exzora tried to wake me up, and luckily i was called up and suprise why am i bowing down and thought that i was just falling asleep. But when i open my eyes i can't see clearly, all in white and dizzy.

They were laughing at me that i bowed down and even show me the pic they took when i did that. I saw the pic but just tired of open my mouth and talk.

A second later, i fainted again without noticing it. Same... bowing down like a Japanese... Even myself i also feel funny. And they start waking me up again, and ask how am I.

I just nod my and told them I'm fine but actually not. Just don't know how to say...

The 3rd time, i became unconscious... This time Val ask me to sit down and rest.

I didn't feel like open my eyes but feels more comfortable standing...

I knew everyone in the train were looking at me, luckily the train was not full with people.

This was so embarrassing...

When we reach KL Central, i still manage to walk out from the train and went into the lift.

I look at the door close and felt the lift moving up... Immediately i was unconscious again.

Val and Exzora hold me out the lift and woke me up again. I was sweating and felt like droping down.

This was no good. I can't see anything, only saw black figures and my ears like been covered by something.

I don't know how long we stood there until the guard saw us and help me to get a seat.

Then the Kl Central staff got me a wheelchair *OMG, everyone will looking at me* and brought me to the Emergency room which locate upstair opposite Hilton hotel and Le Meridien...

I got up the bed and slept a few minutes.

Val bought me a bread with butter and cheese and a can of Livita to fill my stomach before getting worse. Anyway i felt fine after eating and the few minutes sleep... hahahaha

I even suggested that we continue to our movie even though we gonna miss the first half an hour...

Heehee... And so we were in the cinema at 7.30pm.

About the "Mono" pause word... Is all because Val teasing me that i was "mono" pausing in the KTM... haihz...

Anyway, i would like to take this chance, *woohoo sound so formal* THANKS a lot to both of them, Valerie and Exzora, for troubling you all and frightened you all.

MERCI!!!! Je t'aime...

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